Refrigerated van rental  Dubai

Refrigerated van rental  Dubai Chiller Van For Rent – 052 5684683

Refrigerated van rental  Dubai

Looking for Refrigerated van rental  Dubai. We built our box van with the concept of a refrigerator inside. Our box is made from a proprietary patented design with industrial materials. Which passes insulation standards for industrial freezers. Get Refrigerated van rental  Dubai.

Refrigerated van rental  Dubai

So our vans can withstand freezing temperatures in the 112-degree heat of the Mojave Desert without pushing your compressor to the brink. We build our vans in a factory located in Hot Las Vegas. And test it in the heat of the desert. To ensure that they will work in any climate around the world.

Why pick Enterprise Flex e-Rent for Refrigerated van rental  Dubai hire?

As a leading supplier of commercial vehicle hire in the UK with a large national refrigerated van fleet, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent provides the highest quality fridge. As well as, freezer vehicles, regardless of your lease agreement. Can For a refrigerated van rental Dub to meet your needs, look no further than Enterprise Flex-E-Rent.

Each of our refrigerated vehicles includes as standard:

  • Guarantee that all fridge and freezer vans are ATP varified, demonstrating high quality and efficiency.
  • Refrigeration manufacturer’s repair and maintenance package across all vehicles – so you never have to deal with fridge breakdowns again.
  • Moreover, Temperature applications range from cold to deep freeze, with multi-temperature compartments for more complex operations.
  • The latest in cold chain technology; Including silent refrigeration systems, standby facilities and state-of-the-art Transco temperature recorders.

Customize your Freezer van to suit your needs, with process options such as:

  • Single or multi-temperature compartments
  • Multi-temperature longitudinal lane
  • Pharmaceutical specification refrigerators, with additional sensors and body that allow temperature sensitive goods to be transport safely.

Less cost refrigeration environment

As you can imagine, fitting a container like the cargo area of ​​a van gives you a less efficient refrigeration environment than using a unit designed specifically for that purpose. The amount of insulation used may vary from company to company. Although many companies use amounts of insulation, this can still lead to moisture and building up in the compartment.

Refrigerated van rental  Dubai

where you are storing your items. Also, retrofitting a van with a cooling system can result in minimal seams and poor construction. Any of these problems can lead to the same problems. The construction of Polar Leasing units gives you the best freeze.

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