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Chiller Vans for Sale: Keeping It Cool in the UAE

You’re tired of sweating through your clothes in the blistering UAE heat the second you step outside. You dread running errands or going anywhere that doesn’t have powerful air conditioning.There’s a solution for beating the heat and staying comfortable no matter where you go in the UAE – chiller vans. Chiller vans, also known as refrigerated vans, are regular cargo vans that have been retrofitted with heavy-duty air conditioning units and insulation to keep the interior icy cold. If you’ve been longing for mobile cooling that lets you avoid the oppressive heat, a chiller van could be the perfect solution. With a chiller van, you get to bring the cold with you wherever you go.

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Why Invest in a Chiller Van?

Investing in a chiller van is a smart move if you want to keep things cool while on the go in the UAE’s hot climate.

First, chiller vans provide temperature control. Whether you need to keep food, medicine, or other perishables at a precise temperature, a chiller van lets you set the perfect environment. The advanced refrigeration systems in these vans allow you to choose an exact temperature to preserve your goods.

Chiller vans also offer security and protection. Their insulated bodies and locking doors safeguard your temperature-sensitive items from the harsh outdoor elements as well as theft or tampering. Some vans even have additional security features like alarms.

Transporting goods in a chiller van helps ensure quality. By maintaining a consistent cold temperature, you can transport perishable products without worry of spoilage or loss of quality. This is especially useful for companies transporting food, flowers, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals.

Owning a chiller van provides flexibility and control. You can transport goods whenever and wherever needed on your own schedule. You don’t have to rely on third-party refrigerated transport services. This allows you to provide better customer service with faster delivery and pickup times.

Finally, chiller vans hold their value well over time. Their durable, specialized construction means they have a long lifespan and tend to depreciate slowly. When the time comes to sell, you can often recover much of your initial investment.

For temperature-sensitive needs in a hot country, a chiller van is an ideal solution that provides many benefits. Keeping it cool has never been so simple.

Types of Chiller Vans: Chiller Trucks vs Freezer Vans

Chiller vans come in two main types: chiller trucks and freezer vans. Chiller trucks, or refrigerated vans, are designed to keep contents cool, around 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. Freezer vans can reach much colder temperatures, down to -20 degrees C or below.

For transporting perishable goods like fresh produce, dairy, or meat in the UAE’s hot climate, chiller trucks are ideal. They circulate cool air to maintain a consistent temperature inside the cargo area. Some models allow you to control the temp from the cabin. Chiller trucks typically have an insulated body and refrigeration unit that runs on diesel.

On the other hand, freezer vans are necessary for transporting frozen goods. Their powerful refrigeration units and heavily insulated bodies are built to handle extreme cold. Freezer vans can keep contents frozen even in very hot weather. However, they do require more fuel to run and cost more to purchase and maintain.

When deciding between a chiller truck or freezer van, consider what types of goods you need to transport and at what temperatures. Chiller vans may suit most needs for chilled perishables, while freezer vans should only be chosen if you frequently transport frozen cargo. In either case, look for a model with an efficient, dependable refrigeration unit for the UAE’s climate, as well as a durable and well-insulated body. With the proper equipment and maintenance, chiller vans and freezer vans can provide many years of reliable service.

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