Tips for the usage of Chiller Van

Chiller Vans, also known as refrigerated vans, are specially designed vehicles equipped with cooling systems to maintain specific temperature conditions within the cargo space. These vans play a crucial role in preserving the freshness and quality of perishable goods during transportation. Unlike conventional vans, Chiller Vans are equipped with advanced technologies to ensure that items such as food products, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive goods are transported under controlled conditions.

Modern chiller vans feature:

  • Refrigeration units capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Thermostatic controls to set the optimal temperature
  • Insulated bodies to minimize heat transfer
  • Food-grade, easy to clean interiors
  • Capacities ranging from 3 pallets up to 28 pallets
  • Lifts Gates for easy access
  • GPS Tracking
  • Experienced drivers

Rent one of our chiller vans for reliable cold storage and transportation across the in dubai. From small multi-drop deliveries to full loads, we have the right refrigerated vehicle for your cold chain logistics needs.

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Benefits of Renting Our Chiller Vans

Renting our refrigerated vans offers many advantages over purchasing your own fleet. It’s a cost-effective option that also provides you the flexibility to scale your cold storage transportation to meet changing demands.

Temperature Control & Monitoring
Our chiller vans allow you to precisely set and maintain the interior air temperature. Sensors throughout the cargo area monitor conditions in real-time. Alerts notify the driver if temperature exceeds set parameters.

Insulation & Air Circulation
The insulated bodies ensure optimal temperature consistency from front to back walls as well as ceiling to floor. Air circulation fans enhance air flow for uniform cooling with no hot spots.

Easy Loading & Unloading
Convenient lift gates on larger capacity vans simplify loading and offloading. Internal LED lighting enhances visibility when moving perishable goods in and out of the vans.

Reliability & Redundancies
Dual power sources protect against equipment failures from DC power as well as diesel generators, maintaining uninterrupted refrigeration. Automatic switchovers prevent temperature fluctuations.

Range of Sizes
Dimension and storage capacities allow you to select the optimal size vehicle for cost efficiency. From compact vans to 28-pallet vehicles, we offer the capabilities aligned with your transportation volumes.

Experienced Drivers & Support
Our professional drivers are experts in cold chain distribution protocols and procedures. Our account management team works closely with you for routing logistics, temperature exception handling, and any other support needed.