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Refrigerated Vans Dubai- UAE

Refrigerated Vans Dubai

Refrigerated Vans Dubai

Need Refrigerated Vans Dubai OR Freezer Truck in Dubai?

Freezchill  provides a fleet of Chiller Transport in Dubai, Freezer Trucks, Refrigerated truck and Chiller Vans. Moreover, our refrigerated vans  are ready to deliver your Fresh / Edible things Within time.

As well as, we are ensuring your quality Goods (food products, Fresh Goods, Flowers, etc) are well deliver carefully. Our chiller trucks and chiller Vans have a different types of cooling capacities from +5 C and down to subzero degrees of -25 C. 

Also, all of our Drivers are educated and trained. All derivers have Licensed (with Occupational Health Cards) by Dubai Municipality for handling and Transporting Fresh food and Processed Food products and Goods.