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All Our Cold Chiller Truck Services

1) Refrigerator Truck

The refrigerated truck is ideal for transporting items that must be kept at a specific temperature throughout the journey. They are frequently used to transport food products, but they can also be used to transport hazardous or other goods that require a specific temperature range while in transit. Despite the fact that they are a specialty vehicle, most major commercial vehicle rental companies have at least one refrigerated truck in their inventory.
Temperature-Controlled Units
The quality of the temperature control device required is entirely dependent on the goods being transported. Although dry ice (carbon dioxide) can also be used as a cooling agent to improve cooling, the most basic method is based on an ice cooling model. The most advanced systems include complete refrigeration units that are frequently powered by a small diesel engine and provide precise temperature control.


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This type of vehicle is available in a variety of sizes. Refrigeration vans are the smallest, carrying only a small amount of cargo. The largest refrigerated trailers are semi-trailer versions that require a tractor to tow. They are capable of carry a considerable quantity of cold goods and are typically need in dire situations.

2) Chiller Trucks

We provide chilled and fresh products.
Our vehicle organization maintains specific features to ensure the freshness of perishable products and the fastest conveyance. They should be able to provide on-time fresh and highly chilled van delivery for your Dubai, UAE restaurants or hotels, among other things. We offer premium coolers and portable ice chests. All needs are met to maintain valuation plans and administration to ensure. We can customize an administration strategy to meet your specific needs while providing excellent customer service.

What sort of rental car do we offer?

Here are a few examples.

  • 10 Ton Chiller Truck is available for rent.
  • A 3 ton, 7 ton, or 5 ton Chiller Truck is available for rent.
  • All Vans with and without a driver are available for rent.
  • On a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, rent a truck without Salik and gasoline.
  • Isuzu Chiller Truck Rental with Tail Lift

We offer a variety of side and rear entrances for our customers’ convenience. We only use the highest-quality refrigerated van equipment. Our vehicles are occasionally custom-built to meet a variety of needs. Our chill trucks are cost-effective, dependable, and temperature-controlled as needed. It’s for the best and brightest to match the warmth and temperature of the environment.

Why do you require a chiller truck for product delivery?
A chiller truck rental is not difficult to obtain, except for the pricey format. It necessitates a significant financial investment. While purchasing a chiller truck may be prohibitively expensive, leasing one may be a more cost-effective option. Its position, however, is extremely difficult to maintain. As a result, it is simpler to hire a chiller truck from a reputable company.

3) Freezer Truck

Our fleet of Freezer Transportation Vehicles includes the most recent refrigerated trucks with hauling capacities of 3 tons, 5 tons, and 10 tons. We rent these trucks at extremely low rates to ensure that our clients receive cost-effective solutions for shipping temperature-sensitive products. Fresh vegetables, as well as meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, confectionary shop products, and medications transported by our refrigerator trucks . We rent temperature-controlled vehicles in the UAE.

Our company is the best at renting refrigerator trucks for transporting products that must be kept at a specific temperature throughout the journey. Food is commonly transport, but hazardous materials can also be transport in them. During transportation, other stock must be maintained at a specific temperature. Regardless of whether they are obvious vehicles, most genuine business vehicle rental stations have at least one refrigerated truck for rent in their task force of automobiles. The food items is transport by refrigerator trucks in a specific temperature.

We are available to you with our outstanding track record of demonstrated competence, ongoing management, and on-time delivery. We have the most extensive fleet of freezer trucks, chiller vans, refrigeration units, new model vehicles, and thermally protected cooler trucks. Because of our large team of specialists, we can assist both small and large businesses. I returned in 1 hour to all of your calls and emails. We increased our display during the previous year, transporting it from important locations throughout the UAE. We have the widest range of cooler trucks, from small vehicles to massive, overpowering goods vehicles. Cooler trucks are becoming more popular.




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