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Chill Out: Master the Art of small Refrigerated Van Buying with Our Comprehensive Guide!

Buying a small refrigerated van?

This week, we’re continuing our client’s manual series. Regular fans of our weblog May additionally have already read our most recent access, which mentioned the important issues you’ll want to undergo whilst buying a small refrigerated van.

That became an Outline, so now we’re going into more elements about each of the diverse Points. This week, we’re Searching at temperature, cargo and any Extra functions, and the way those factors can also Have an effect on your buying Choices. So then, without similarly ado…

 What temperature do you need? And what will your van be Sporting?

Passing frozen  fish Obviously, understanding the temperature you require – or the range Of them – is the very first query you’ll be asking whilst you come to shop for a small refrigerated van. In the evaluation ultimate week, we set these out as Separate questions, however we’ve merged them right Here as they’re so very carefully related.

Naturally, you’ll need to match the car’s temperature to the wishes of the shipment you’ll be transporting. Generally, the temperature range of a fridge van is between 0oC to +8oC, while a freezer van is Extra or much less Constantly at around -18oC. At Freezchill, we Stock numerous automobiles with exceedingly effective fridges, but we make certain that the devices in each one of our freezer or chiller trucks all reach our excessive standards of efficiency and reliability.

Small Refrigerated van
Small Refrigerated van

Depending to Your enterprise and the needs of your Enterprise, it might be the case that you Require a Couple of cars for several special hundreds. We can in reality accommodate this right here at Freezchill, but we’re also Capable of wearing out conversions that allow a unmarried van to have a twin chilled and freezer compartment, saving you large money on Expenses and supporting you to be Extra reasonably priced and efficient in both the fast and long term. All you need to do is ask!

To answer a question we hear every now and then – we don’t usually advocate positive makes or models of van for particular marketplace sectors. They’re all Similarly successful in getting the Activity done!

This works nicely on your Favour, as it offers you plenty extra on the spot desire in choosing the van that fits you. If it falls quickly in Any regions, otherwise you want it to perform some Extra obligations here and there, we will carry out a conversion to tailor it even in addition to your specifications, so we’re capable of in shape your Necessities to the letter.

 Do you have any Bespoke requirements?

At Freezchill we pride ourselves on being able to cater to a wide array of sectors and industries, and a massive part of the Manner we do this is through the full-size customisation options we Offer for our range of refrigerated motors.

This consists of (However is not limited to):

‘Wet Load’ or ‘Slip resistant’ flooring

slip resistant

By retaining the ground of the van free of Extra moisture and different Dangers, we will prioritise both operator safety and load stability.

Refrigerated van
The Average Cost of Van Hire

standby capability

In brief, this Option permits you to plug your van right into a mains Energy supply, letting you refrigerate your Items for an prolonged period of time even if the engine’s off – or maybe overnight. It also Lets you carry your van’s indoors right down to the right temperature before loading it up, that is something many of our Customers discover useful.

Extra Shelving Or Racking


A simple but universally useful addition, this improves your van’s load Sporting capacity. We provide a number of solutions in this regard – you could Browse our site for complete information.

Strip Curtains

Another of the Extra frequently-utilised options we provide, strip curtains (or CurtAir) assist you to keep the van’s interior temperature when loading or unloading, but a number of our customers Locate it more useful than others. This is a huge-ranging trouble, so we’ll move into it in even more elements in a later article.

Generally, in Case you require additional capabilities for a bespoke version of a small Refrigerated van, it’s better to pick one of the newer models. If it’s handiest multiple changes, Certainly one of our small refrigerated Vans might also well have the ability to fit your specifications.

But it’s easier and extra Honest for us to carry out the conversion from scratch on a newer van. It does suggest it would take a further Couple of weeks compared to a Standard model, and the extra Complex your necessities, the extra time we’ll want. But believe us when we are saying – it’s always well Worth the wait!

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