what are actually Chiller vans

What are Chiller Vans?. Do we need them in Dubai

Chiller vans are refrigerated cargo vans that are specifically designed to transport perishable goods at cool, controlled temperatures. They have thick insulation surrounding their body and utilize mechanical refrigeration units to maintain cooler internal air compared to the warmer external temperatures. This makes them essential for industries that need to deliver climate-sensitive payloads.

Common uses for chiller vans include food delivery, pharmaceutical transport, flower shipments, and other supply chain applications where maintaining product quality depends on chilled transit, even on hot summer days when ambient temperatures can get quite high. Let’s explore chiller vans further.

Why Chiller Vans Are Essential

Chiller vans enable the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo like frozen foods, wine, chocolate, and medical products during the warmer months. Without active cooling, these payloads run the risk of spoilage, melting, or losing integrity if exposed to hot external temperature conditions for too long while in-transit.

For industries like supermarkets, restaurants, caterers, and florists that depend on mail-order supply chains, chiller vans allow access to a much more diverse range of perishable inventory – even during peak summer heat. The controlled environment ensures consistent product quality.

How The Refrigeration System Works in chiller vans

How The Refrigeration System Works in chiller vans

At the heart of the chiller van is the refrigeration unit. Powered primarily by the van’s main drive engine while on the road, or via a small electric motor when stationary, the refrigeration cycle uses a compressor to circulate refrigerant compounds. This effectively absorbs heat from the enclosed cargo space – dropping the internal air temperature down to an ideal 0 to 5 degree Celsius range.

Temperature controls and sensors let the driver or operator adjust cooling capacity and monitor that the desired cold setting is consistently maintained throughout the journey. This level of active cooling is essential to counteract hot ambient air temperatures outside, which may reach 35 degrees C or higher on hot sunny days.

Insulated Body and Design Elements
Supplementing the mechanical cooling, chiller vans have thermally-insulated wall and ceiling panels. High performance materials like polyurethane foam minimize heat transfer into the cold inner compartment from the warm exterior of the van body. Coupled with airtight door seals, small thermal bridges, and strategic internal airflow, optimal temperature distribution is ensured within the cargo space during transport.

Industries Relying on Chiller Vans

A wide range of industries depend on the unique temperature-controlled capabilities of chiller vans to distribution their products, including:

  • Food Service: Safely delivering frozen, chilled and perishable goods like meat, dairy, and produce to restaurants and caterers.
  • Florists: Ensuring freshly-cut flowers remain cool for longer lasting freshness when shipping flowers long-distance to retailers
  • Medical: Strict rules govern pharmaceutical shipment temperatures – chiller vans help adhere to regulatory guidelines.
  • Wine Industry: Premium wineries rely on chilled shipping to prevent heat exposure and maintain flavor.

Looking ahead, continued improvements in high-performance insulation, eco-friendly refrigeration systems powered by electricity or alternative fuels, and smart IoT monitoring could enhance chiller vans capabilities – allowing for tighter temperature tolerances and safer transportation of perishables.

Chiller Van in Dubai

Dubai’s intensely hot climate, with summer temperatures frequently surpassing 45°C, makes temperature-controlled transportation essential for preserving perishables or climate-sensitive cargo. Chiller vans with active cooling are vital for local transport and distribution.

Chiller Van Dubai Price

Chiller van purchase prices in Dubai typically range from AED 180,000 to AED 300,000 depending on size, refrigeration capacity, and features. Rental rates average AED 800-1500 per day.

Refrigerated Van Dubai

A variety of refrigerated van options exist in Dubai beyond chiller vans – including reefer trucks, refrigerated trailers, and small freezer vans maintaining -20°C frozen storage. But chiller vans from 0-5°C are most common.

Chiller Van Factory Dubai

Two factories in Dubai manufacture bespoke chiller vans: Zoko Refrigeration and Kyte Refrigeration. They build customized units for local clients needing reliable cold chain transportation.

Chiller Van For Rent Dubai

Popular rental providers in Dubai offering a range of chiller vans for hire include:

Van Chiller Installation Dubai

Specialized vehicle outfitters like Juma Al Majid offer chiller installation services – they can retrofit non-refrigerated vans or trucks with aftermarket reefer units and insulation panels to transform them into chilled vans customized for each client.

Chiller Van For Sale Dubai

The Dubai Yellow Pages lists dealer and privately-listed chiller vans for sale. Prices span AED 65,000 for older models to AED 260,000 for newer units with full manufacturer warranties from brands like ThermoKing.

Second Hand Chiller Van Dubai

Auctions Dubai frequently lists pre-owned and second-hand chiller vans, often defected models, at discounted prices – these can offer lower cost of entry for acquiring refrigerated vehicles than brand new options.

Chiller Cost Dubai

Key factors affecting chiller van operating costs in Dubai are fuel, insurance, maintenance of the refrigeration unit, depreciation, and driver expenses which impact the total cost of ownership.

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